Welcome to the Grove of Pan

Love is the Key turn it and see who is waiting for you behind the door. You may be very suprised.

The Grove of Pan Herbal Farm and Healing Retreat, is located in the Perth Hills . Situated on 7.2 acres, the Herbal and Healing work keeps going to a new levels.

There are many projects happening, lots of gardening, building, planting of food and medicinal herbs as well as courses etc.

There are many plans on the go for garden zones, wind breaks, swales, water catchments etc. The ongoing plan is to turn the property into a food forest and medicine garden, Learning centre, Healing retreat . The Herbalist web page


WWOOFing opportunity is available and welcome, so if you are heading to Sunny W.A. and want the chance to partcipate in herbal farming, organic growing, sustainable building projects, sweat lodges and a general spiritual but down to earth atmosphere, drop me a line.

You will need some form of transport as my farm is not near any public transport. However, if you dont mind not going out from the Farm for a few days at a time then all good. I do go to Mundaring a few times a week for shopping and probaly once a week to Midland.  If you have carpentry skills and are up for building a tree house that is another one of the next projects.There is a fully functional shower and toilet block [ see the pics of the farm ] .
Keep checking in for courses and events, that will be happening here.